The mighty TIC clinch an historic second GPG title in three years.


Team Members____________________________



Matthew Birkinshaw                                     Padraig Watts




Home Town: Birmingham                                                          Home Town: Edinburgh


Residence: London                                                                     Residence: Istanbul


Favourite F1 Driver: Hamilton                                                   Favourite F1 Driver: Massa


Favourite F1 Team: Ferrari                                                       Favourite F1 Team: Ferrari


Favourite F1 Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya                                Favourite F1 Circuit: IstanbulPark


Motto: Smell the glove!                                                              Motto: Smell the glove!







The Magnificent STG2.  Winner of the 2008 GPG championship.


Team History______________________________


Established in January 2006, The Istanbul Connection were crowned GPG champions in our debut season. Based in London and Istanbul, TIC are the only international team in GPG. Not to mention the most successful. During our championship winning campaign we managed to hold top stop for the entire 18 race weekend season. A record which will take a bit of beating. In the same year we amassed an enormous 351 overall score, setting the record by a country mile. Last year we narrowly missed out on a second consecutive title, when our new nemesis Oztentatious pipped us at the death. Will our reign of terror continue in 2008?


The answer to that is an emphatic YES!!!


TIC stormed home to an unprecedented second GPG title in three years, winning by a record shattering 50 points and becoming the first and only team to break the 400 point barrier. HAVE IT!!!


2006: Champion

2007: Second

2008: Champion  (Revenge complete)







GPG 2008


Race Wins:    2

Avg Score:     19

High Score:    52   

Total Score:   344

Bonuses:        90   

Overall:           434










GPG 2007 Runner up

Race Wins:   7

Avg Score:    15

High Score:   34

Total Score:  251

Bonuses:       30

Overall:          281












GPG 2006 CHAMPION                                           

Race Wins:    7

Avg Score:    16

High Score:   43

Total Score:  291

Bonuses:       60

Overall:          351