Team ARSS Profile

This is the second year Team ARSS has completed for the illustrious title of the best GPG Team.

The team comprises of four members:

Team Principle:

This is the A of ARSS for Ade the dark prince of the team.  Often seen moving in the shadows ensuring everything is running smoothly!!

Team Manager:

This is the R of ARSS for Ryan, the man who likes to think he is the most informed person about F1 Racing and should manage how we predict our results

Team Driver:

This is the S of ARSS for Samo, our very own annoying driver who does not care who is in front or behind him and will run them off the road what ever car he is in.

Crash Test dummy:

This is the S of ARSS for Super.  With the way the Team Manager has been performing in his predictions we have been crashing and burning on a regular basis thus he is being over worked.


GPG 2010 has started as a pretty good year so far.  We have scored in 3 out of 4 races, with only the Team manager not scoring so far.  The elusive Team Principle has yet to complete a prediction, but this is due to us not being able to find him in the shadows of our pit garage.

After last years performance the team is looking to prove that we are more than a pack car, so every one can look at our ARSS instead of us following every one else’s around the track.