6 (72)
-11 to leader
16 (66)
-15 to leader
0 (50)
-28 to leader
36 (50)
-26 to leader
4 (14)
-54 to leader
0 (10)
-43 to leader
10 (10)
-33 to leader
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-33 to leader

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Turkey 6 Points 7th place

A disasterous quali suggested we'd gone in totally the wrong direction. A win looked unattainable, but we managed to bag six points, and stay in touch with the majority. Only eleven points off the lead and six points off second, which is just fine at this point of the season. A new diffuser and F-Duct modifications coming for the high speed Canadian race.

Monaco 16 Points 1st place

The tight twisty streets of the principality played to the strengths of the car. Although we stood on the top step and shuffled through the pack to fourth The Pits scored a healthy eleven points limiting our gains on the front of the pack. Turkey next, with the long anticlockwise turn eight giving us some set-up concerns.

Bonus 1 0 Points  

Massa's continued refusal to drive well has cost us dearly this race. While Alonso has battled valiantly on generating a raft of points, the 'wee Brazilian' looks to have cost himself a drive in the red cars by failing to overtake anyone. But Jenson has helped our cause by driving just as well as Massa, only lucking into the two wins, keeping the McClarens within three points of Ferrari.

Spain 36 Points 1st place

The first of the Euro races, and the oportunity to bolt on the much needed aero revisions. Quali didn't go well, but the car is much stronger in race config. Then the strategy unfolded neatly in the last few laps with most of the pieces moving into place. Just a few days to Monaco where we need a repeat performance to get back up with the leaders.

China 4 Points 11th place

Can you believe it, our chances of improving our position scuppered by a volcano. The cloud of ash enveloping most of northern Europe leaves our new parts stuck at Heathrow. The chassis continues to cause problems in all areas, a major update is needed for Spain, just a paltry four points leaves us languishing in last place in the championship

Malaysia 0 Points =8th place

A return of the clutch problem seen in Bahrain results in another aborted qualifying session. Starting from the back in a poorly handling car is never going to result in a podium. New parts being developed for the next race and hopefully flown out to China in time for the race.

Australia 10 Points =4th place

Ten points gets us off the start line, and the clutch holds for the race. Is this the start of a resurection of the once mighty Payntrix? Management says yes !

Bahrain 0 Points =7th place

Disaster! Nothing from the long journey to Bahrain as the clutch fails on the start line. Next stop Australia where we will unleash the perfoemance of the Evo6 on the GPG.

The PAYNTRIX 2010 season gets off to a slow start, with the management team deeply involved in a take over of a supporting company. This exciting new sponsor will be revealed very soon

The distinctive colour scheme of the PAYNTRIX Evo6 was designed by acclaimed design team Watts of Scotland. We believe its the best looking car out there.