Welcome to The Istanbul Connection! Still the most successful team in GPG history!!!




3rd place/10 points

The rain in qualis caught us out badly which left us with a mountain to climb in the race. So we were fairly happy with our third place finish, and delighted to pick up our first ever 10 points for LOLL. Finally J




4th place/10 points

Australia 2010 was a race to forget for TIC as we expected much better than our 4th place finish, which sees the rooky moose molester jump us into 3rd in the championship standings L






2nd place/11 points

TIC were reasonably happy with our start to the 2010 campaign in Bahrain. Our second place and eleven points was a solid start, and the STG.5 seems to be performing well. A lot of work still needs to be done however if we are to catch The Pits who were in a league of their own around the Shakir circuit. Barry must have employed some dodgy aero device like those cheating bastards at McLaren. Cock!





After extensive pre-season testing that started way back at last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix TIC are raring to go, and ready to hit back in 2010. Prepare to smell the glove!!!


Check out our team profile for all the latest TIC news and results as the new 2010 GPG season progresses. You can also get the stats and a wee bit of history by clicking on info at the top of the page, if you give a shit!






Today  the wraps came off TIC’s contender for the upcoming GPG2010 title bid, and she’s a badass!

TIC are looking for some serious revenge for the disappointment of 2009, and if the STG.5 performs as well as she looks then the rest of you had better watch out!!!

The new car will take to the track for the first time at next week’s private pre season test.

Watch this space…

Smell the glove!!!