Send in your times direct from the game to be added. If you have a top 3 time send a screen dump of the time too. (Alt + prt scr, open word, ctrl V to screendump)
You can gauge your time by what you race

10 Secs        You will have trouble beating the Ice cream van

  9 Secs        The Audi will be snapping at your heals

  8 Secs        BA should eat your dirt in the van

6.5 Secs       You should match the Blue bike

6.0 Secs       The green bike will have something to think about

                    You'll be in front of the Delorean when it disolves

5.8 Secs       You'll cross the line with the black bike

5.5 Secs       The trotters will just go off screen as you pull 3rd

 Staff at MCN magazine are stuck at 5.178

Number in brackets previous highest position
  ROD G DCW 5.030 (1)
  Paul B. SG 5.066 (1)
  Jimmykins RM 5.067 (2)
4th   Paul P RM 5.074 (2)
5th   Dan E. RM 5.080 (2)
6th   Jake B. RM 5.090 (4)
7th=   Matt B. SG 5.109 (2)
7th=   Concrete Colin RM 5.109 (3)
9th   Dog Boy RM 5.112 (3)
10th=   Graham B. RM 5.125 (4)
10th=   Moi SG 5.125 (5)
12th   Ian W. OZ 5.127 (1)
13th   Alex K. RM 5.188 (5)
14th   "The Stig" Hell 5.235 (10)
15th   Wayne R RM 5.280 (10)












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  .   5.115