Just some pics for you



 The crowd at La Font Magica on a Friday night at 21:30


Glass and steel only



More shots high up

Smiling donkey on the old side


 The massively impressive Sagrada Familia




 The new side with its square people


 The delicately carved and engraved old side



 The famous Ramblas from the air



 There was a bit of a fuss when the Renault crossed the line first.... I thought Renault was French

Air display team on race day of the Grand Prix depicting the Catalan flag

 The crowd didn't seem to like the bloke in the red car.








 The Font itself

 And if you are lazy you can drive right there

Just one of the views in this great city






Hot chocolate at gone midnight anyone?





Who ate my cookie? ? ?

Me ? what cookie

A bakers on the Ramblas with chameleon mosaic look



Casa Mila, what no straight edges?