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HovWorth 2010 Hovercraft Challenge entry

19th May

Now starting to come together....

15th May.

Rudders and rear view

13th May.

The hull goes to the spray booth for a lovely green coating.

6th May.

The hull is progressing nicely, with the rudders and engine mount in place.

F-Ducts shown below in place and in low speed raised position.

Competitors view of F-Ducts below

The other teams have been bitching about weight balance, so engine mount arrangement is fully adjustable. Note rudder profile is to accomodate the F-Duct travel




29 - April More F-Duct before the Araldite incident.....

The pegs above are holding the hinge to the F-Duct, but disaster is about to strike and the glue will ooze into the hinge and ruin it..... and the Dremmel when I attempt a recovery.

Servo intall


F-Duct hull built

What precision. A set square, pencil, calculator and a tube of no-more-nails, just how McLaren do it...

Test hull trial flight

F-Duct prototype

Engine support frame

So despite my early venture into super-light-weight efforts, HovWorth has joined the IC brigade.

Here's the engine on the testbed.

And here's the angry wasp in action