2009 Grand Prix Gamble

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The race at Abu Dhabi sees the GPG rookie HamsterTron crowned as the new Champion.

Congratulations Hamster.

2009 GPG team report

CoDWorTH - A strong start, then fell asleep mid season, then too little too late to keep his grip on the crown.

The Pits - Battled all season mid pack then shone when the flag was in sight to claim his hat trick of third places.

Payntrix - Too intermittent to trouble the leaders. Joint high score of the season but too many zero's to be worthy

ARSS - The quiet team, inoffensively trundled to fifth on their debut season. Must try harder

TIC - The outgoing champion had a disaster season, made worse by the loss of Massa from the seat. but not last !

ClockWatchers - A poor choice of the bonus round saw what should have been a fight for third evaporate.

CJ Racing - What can be said. CJ had a firm grip on the wooden spoon, and didn't let things like predicting get in his way.

Well done all teams, 2009 has been the best season yet,

Hope to see you all again next year, and a few more too.

1 £803 HamsterTron 326
2 £400 CoDWorTH 303
3 £200 The Pits 252
4 £100 Payntrix Racing 225
5 £50 ARSS 219
6 £25 The Istanbul Connection 180
7 £12 Clock Watchers 163
8 £7 CJ Racing 160


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