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2008 Season History

PAYNTRIX Racing 2009 GPG season updates. (Newest data at top)


Nightmare ! ! !

Our fifth zero of the season has disastrous effects.

Not only does the Hamster rocket ahead with another thirty pointer, The Pits romp past into third. The concern now is that the R&D budget has run out, and with no upgrades in production the car is now set for the remainder of the season.

The uphill run to the flag in Brazil will suit our KERS package, but will it be enough to claim back some pride and stop The Pits scoring a hat-trick of third places?


What a mess !

All over the place, nothing worth counting, only three points out of CoDWorTH and a disaster with respect to the Hamster.

The slippery rodent sets his second solo win of the season with his highest score of the season, closing right up on the gearbox of CoDWorTH. This is a heavy loss to our momentum and morale.

Japan has been good to us in the past, lets hope the revised diffuser works on the figure of eight track.


A set of heavily fueled Brawns screwed us for the race despite getting Lewis on the pole.

As luck would have it only CJ and TIC made anything of the race, but they are so far back now they are about to be lapped.

Things are still looking good to close in on the Hamster and CoDWorTH, but really running out of races now.


Clock Watchers failure to score in the bonus rounds has really let us off the hook. With the additional sixty points that most have scores she'd be right with us fighting for third with the Hamster


Another zero for us this week (the fourth of the season) but again we are saved by the lack of pace of those around us. CoDWorTH score one and the Hamster matches us with only his second zero of the season.

We're running out of races to catch CoDWorTH, we'll need to bring some upgrades to Monza and then even more for the last four fly away races.


Breaking my own rule of changing the prediction between saving it and sending it was of course the wrong thing to do. A costly maneuver meaning missing out on pole.

A paltry three point does see the gap to CoDWorTH get slimmer, but the Hamster managed to scurry a further three away from us.

A disappointing weekend, but not a zero.


Quali was in disarray, Massa's awful accident, loss of TV feeds, and a monumental screw up with the timing screens followed by the surprise pole position for the Spaniard. Just like the others, we didn't see that coming.

The race was a different story, the return to form of the Silver Arrows had young Hamilton out in front, just as we came to expect last year. Our head overtook our heart by declaring him worthy of a middle step on the podium to Vettel, but our vision crumbled as the German got away poorly and struggled to recover.

On a lighter note, CoDWorTH made a mess of things, leaving the car on autopilot and scoring his second successive zero. In a bizarre twist, if he'd left it to his default he would have scored a tidy twenty nine points, phew !. Despite the Hamster eeking out an additional four points, the twelve we scored reels in the leader nicely.


Disaster was averted as we scored our third zero of the season. The predictions revealed six of the eight teams saw the same podium, so it was never going to be a race of significant movement. The fact the all but two teams hit a zero and the two scorers were a long way back saved us from an embarrassing race weekend.


A tidy 20 points for the Brawns keeps us in-line with the majority, but HamsterTron's vision of a Button blast at the start of the season see's him take back second place in the standings, but he is a much more manageable five points ahead only.


So back to the UK for round 8 and our home race.

Qualifying saw a lovely 10 points, but five of our seven competitors did the same so we all take ten steps forward. The only advantage gained was that The Pits were on the Button and slipped back.

A high risk strategy paid dividends, as all around us took the Brawn / Button combination for the win, but the weights revealed that the young German definitely had wings, being nearly ten kilos heavier than Jenson in quali.

With up to four extra laps in hand, Button had to rely on the British weather to make it seven from eight but the lack of rain or safety cars meant all went the way of the Red Bulls.

A total off 44 points gives us our first win of the season and vaults us ahead of the Hamster and just 64 away from the all dominant CoDWorTH.



Another podium see us move ten points clear of The Pits and nibble three points out of the lead held by the HamsterTron.

The cloud contained by this silver lining is that CoDWorTH matched our qualifying performance and took an additional twenty two points from the race.


This week's target was to pass The Pits. A dismal qualifying and KERS failure in the race see's no points for the prestigious Monaco race.

The only consolation is The Pits missed out on the points too.


An early head start against The Pits during quali' dissolves as the race evolves resulting in a stalemate with our closest rival. TIC drop three points and the Clock watchers make a move past TIC and ARSS and become our 'one to watch' from behind.

An additional three points closer to the Hamster in second is welcome, but CoDWorTH extend their lead over Payntrix by fifteen points.

A significant revision to the EVO5 is required before Monaco.


A very welcome 20 points for the Brawn supremacy, however the next rounds look to be set to lose out to the Hamster.


What would normally be considered to be a good result was obliterated by the dominance of the CoDWorTH. Closing up on the Hamster and The Pits and passing the ClockWatchers should have had the champagne flowing, but an outstanding presentation by the CoDWorTH team has Payntrix scratching his head for renewed pace.


A storming weekend, with the gutsy prediction of the ascendance of the Red Bulls bagging 13 points (and a joint win with ClockWatchers). The hamster struggles for pace in the Chinese rain and the gap to the lead is now the closest yet this season. Our old friend TIC are still stuck on the start line with blown engines by the look of it setting a GPG record (along with newcomers ARSS) of THREE ZERO's in a row. Could Bahrain see the current champion relying on the Bonus round to propel them from the shameful big zero?


Finally off the mark for the 2009 season. A 10 point opener for Buttons win leaves two old adversaries on the starting line.


The 2009 season opener in Australia see's Payntrix and TIC struggling at the back. A failure to launch in Melbourne sees Payntrix languishing in last place. A disappointing start to the 5th year of racing, even if three other teams fired blanks this week too.

Payntrix makes a slight mistakeEVO5 returns to the pitsThe EVO5 is unloaded

A bad showing for the EVO5 in Australia sees Payntrix leaving with nil points and plenty of work to do.

Pre-Season testing

They say a picture says a thousand words, this could be saying "The all too familiar sight of Payntrix struggling to keep up with TIC"

OR Payntrix could be on the radio saying "Sorry lads, I'm stuck behind TIC AGAIN....... this is the third time I'm round to lap him....."

We'll find out as the season unfolds


BARELONA test session 9th March 2009

The Paynrtix EVO5 returns to the pits followng a sucessful race distance evaluation. Payntrix climbs aboard the EVO5

The Payntrix EVO5 returns to the pits following a successful aero evaluation and Payntrix climbs aboard the Payntrix EVO5 for the afternoon run

2009 Payntrix EVO5 leaving pits

Monday Payntrix test program

The first outing at Barcelona was an opportunity to run the EVO5 against known results from last year. Work continued in the morning developing the rear aero package that was first revealed at last weeks Jerez test. The Payntrix EVO5 completed 125 laps against a schedule of 121 laps.

Following a hearty lunch Payntrix took to the track to complete a full race simulation without glitch. Payntrix quoted "The EVO5 was responding to the changes we made exactly as predicted on the simulator. I was able to complete a full race distance including pit stops without any trouble. I had some fun playing with the new wing and KERS package, but that is still being developed with some big steps planned for later this week"

Payntrix was a little surprised by the lack of pace of the current champions. "I was stunned when I got past Padi (Watts), I mean, he was way off the pace, but you can never write off TIC, they are always strong and for sure you never know the fuel levels. We were happy to keep the Ferrari in sight and at times our analysis shows that fuel adjusted we were quicker."

Unofficial timings

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber F1.09 1:20.338
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F60 1:20.908
3 Paul Payntrix Payntrix EVO5 1:20.915
4 Jarno Trulli Toyota TF109 1:20.937
5 Jenson Button Brawn BGP 001 1:21.140
6 Nelson Piquet Renault R29 1:21.662
7 Sebastien Bourdais Toro Rosso STR4 1:22.158
8 Mark Webber Red Bull RB5 1:22.246
9 Adrian Sutil Force India VJM02 1:22.452
10 Kazuki Nakajima Williams FW31 1:22.813
11 Padraig Watts TIC STG4 1:22.948

2009 PAYNTRIX EVO5 unveiling



The CAD expectations of the PAYNTRIX EXO5 are released, the new 2009 regulations significantly change the look of the car.

2009 Payntrix EVO52009 Payntrix EVO5

2009 Payntrix EVO5




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2009 Season




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332 points


36 points

1 point

4 times

Britain (30 points)

Brazil (30 points)

Monaco (20 points)

Canada (10 points)










0 (205) -76 to lead

3(205) -47 to lead

10 (202) -50 t lead

20 (192) -50 to lead

0 (172) -50 to lead

3 (172) -49 to lead

12 (169) -52 to lead

0 (157) -64 to lead

20 (157) -64 to lead

44 (137) -64 to lead

13 (93) -82 to lead

0 (80) -60 to lead

23 (80) -57 to lead

20 (57) -42 to lead

14 (37) -42 to lead

13 (23) -16 to lead

10 (10) -27 to lead

0 (0) -20 to lead