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2008 Season

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2009 Season













434 points


52 points

3 points

2 times

Europe (30 points)

Japan (29 points)

Canada (10 points)

Bonus 2 (30 points)




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              GET WELL SOON FELIPE






This was a horrific weekend for TIC. Not only do we find ourselves only one point from the foot of the table, but far more importantly my favorite driver lies seriously injured in hospital L 

We’re with you Wee Man! Get well soon!



TIC crash out in dramatic style in Germany


The 2009 German GP was always going to be a close run thing, as most of our teams went for very similar predictions. In fact it turned out to be far too close of comfort as five cars (including our own beloved TIC) were taken out in a dramatic coming together on lap one. Luckily our championship standing wasn’t damaged as much as our car, as only Clockwatchers and CJR came away with a handful of points.

Nevertheless, we now have a shameful five none scores for the season so far, equaling our total for the previous three campaigns L





TIC battle at the front at the start of the 2009 British GP


Hopes were high of a good showing for TIC at what may be the last British GP to be held at the legendary Silverstone circuit. A front row start gave us the perfect opportunity to grab our first podium of the year, but things weren’t to go so well on race day. Payntrix was untouchable again at his home track, while CJR and Cockworth passed us around the outside through turn 1. In the end we could only pick up 20 points for a disappointing fourth place finish.


At least the STG4 looks to be a bit more competitive.


So after eight races and two bonus rounds TIC jump two places in the championship standings and now have The Pits in our sights.


Bring on Germany!!!


A small step forward at Silverstone




TIC fail to deliver in front of an expectant home crowd L


Expectations were high as TIC looked to put our 2009 campaign back on track with some serious points in our home race at Istanbul Park. But the home crowd was left disappointed as the STG4 failed to deliver, only picking up 9 points for a lowly 6th place finish. Gutting!

Cockworth comes round to lap TIC at our home track. Oh the shame L


Any hopes of a famous TIC home victory at the 2009 Turkish GP were soon dashed, as Cockworth took full control of the race early on. Payntrix had secured an impressive pole position, but a mistake in T8 on the first lap let the white car through. The Cock never looked back and romped on to yet another easy win.


TIC now have to admit that any dreams of an historic consecutive champions title are now gone. The Cock is simply too far in front. We now have to regroup and turn our focus to achieving some consistent solid results. Our aim now is to finish the season strongly and at least catch the old enemy Payntrix. 


Next stop Silverstone. Let’s see if TIC can inflict some revenge by doing the lot of you over at your home race.


Watch out! 




Another disaster in Monaco

Double Bollocks!!!



A step forward
The upgraded STG4 certainly showed a great improvement compaired to the first four races of the season. But that wasn’t really that difficult, and although TIC got our best result of the campaign so far at the Spanish GP we were still way off the pace. Let’s hope we can do better at Monaco.



STG4 UPGRADE UNLEASHED                             

TIC are proud to present the fully upgraded STG4 for the 2009 Spanish GP. The new aerodynamic package includes a fully integrated double decker diffuser as well as a lovely new livery. Let’s see how she does…

Smell the Glove!!!!





The STG4’s new interim diffuser...already making a difference.


Finally off the mark.


The Bahrain GP saw the first use of the STG4’s interim diffuser and there was a distinct improvement in performance as a result. We were looking good for at least a podium after claiming pole position in quails. Unfortunately tyre degradation saw us fall down the order towards the end of the race, eventually only picking up minor points. But at least we got some fucking points, narrowly avoiding the utter humiliation of the dreaded four in a row.


TIC post race statement:


“We expect to be very competitive in Spain, were we plan to run a completely upgraded diffuser package.”


“Here we come you bastards!!!” 




FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!! STG4 lies buried in the barriers in China


The 2009 Chinese GP marked the darkest day in TIC’s history. An unprecedented third non-score in a row equals the worst losing streak in GPG. The Pits managed the shameful feat toward the end of last season. Their championship challenge was ruined as a result. Doesn’t bode well L


TIC post race statement:


“Oh dear”  




FUCK!!! The STG4 is pushed back to the garage after total engine failure in Malaysia


The start to the 2009 season just gets worse. The Malaysian GP was an absolute nightmare, as engine failure in the STG4 sees TIC come away with nothing again. Never in our illustrious history have we shot consecutive blanks L

The STG4 was never really at the races. Underperformance in qualification left us well down the grid. The lack of race pace seen in Australia continued in here. As a result we were left to tussle with ARSS and CJR towards the back of the field. The monsoon gave us a chance to pick up some minor points, but just before our scheduled pit stop the STG4’s engine blew.


TIC post race statement:






The STG4 struggles to fend off  the Payntrix Evo5 at the back of the pack at the 2009 season opener.


The waiting is finally over as the 2009 GPG season got underway this weekend in Australia. It was the first chance to answer the question of exactly how fast the new STG4 really is. The answer was not veryL  TIC struggled badly for pace around Albert Park, skirmishing with our oldest adversary Payntrix near the back of the pack. Surely things can only get better next week in Malaysia.


TIC post race statement:


“It was not the start we expected, but we’re not too downhearted. After all we’re always shite here. I mean we got fuck all here last year, but still managed to storm back to take the title .i.”

“Hopefully our KERS system should be more effective in Malaysia next weekend”

“Smell the glove!!!”




With testing complete, the magnificent TIC STG4 roles back into the pits for the last time before being unleashed in anger. Only a week to go now...are you ready???



Since being founded in February 2006 TIC have firmly established ourselves as the team to beat in GPG. The stats speak for themselves;

2006 Champions - leading the championship from start to finish.

2007 Runner up - missing out by the merest of ball hairs at the final race.

2008 reigning Champ’s - winning by a record breaking 50 clear points.



2009 Racing Livery unveiled.




TIC STG4 leads ClockWatchers and Hamstertron during pre-season testing.


Introducing the magnificent    STG4






Team Members_________________________________________________



Matthew Birkinshaw                                        Padraig Watts                                                                              


Home Town: Birmingham                                                          Home Town: Edinburgh


Residence: London                                                                   Residence: Istanbul


Favourite F1 Driver: Hamilton                                                   Favourite F1 Driver: Massa


Favourite F1 Team: Ferrari                                                       Favourite F1 Team: Ferrari


Favourite F1 Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya                                Favourite F1 Circuit: IstanbulPark


Motto: Smell the glove!                                                              Motto: Smell the glove!





Race Wins:   0  

Avg Score:   6

High Score:  20     

Total Score:  63

Bonuses:      40   

Overall:         103




Race Wins:    2

Avg Score:     19

High Score:    52   

Total Score:   344

Bonuses:        90   

Overall:           434







GPG 2007 2nd PLACE

Race Wins:   7

Avg Score:    15

High Score:   34

Total Score:  251

Bonuses:       30

Overall:          281





GPG 2006 CHAMPION                                           

Race Wins:    7

Avg Score:    16

High Score:   43

Total Score:  291

Bonuses:       60

Overall:          351





  The historic STG3 winner of the GPG2008 Championship