Mission 4

Mission Title:    Munich Airport

Submitted by:    Colin Wilkins

Time Limit:        None specified

          Preparations have been made for the erection of a new structure at Munich Airport in Germany.

The structure is planned to be put in place within the forthcoming months at the exit from
terminal 2 within the airport building itself.
The proposed purpose of the structure is to slow down the flow of passengers into the passport
control terminal at the airport.
Not only will this new structure benefit the airport but it will also benefit one other firm who have
been enlisted to provide and design the structure.
Your task involves:-
1: Find out the firm responsible for designing and erecting the structure.                   
2: Find out what the structure symbolises and resembles.
3: Find out what the structure will be a celebration of.
There’s also something very unique about the proposed design in that it contains a series of art work
within the structure which can only be noticed when the structure is viewed from certain angles.
The art work represents and relates to the structure and forms part of an advertisement campaign.
For a bonus point you must find out what the art work depicts and its reason for being on the structure.

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