2011 GPG results

Well done XXX F1, taking the championship at the second time of asking. A display of dominance to be repeated next year?



2011 was the highest scoring season ever. TIC in 10th scored more than last year's winners, so well done to all.

A few notable events of the season

CDWTH new all time high score of 57 points

TIC pseudo all time high score of 60 points

All teams scored more than 300 points

Payntrix, first team ever, to not get on the podium through a whole season

1 TripleXF1 584
2 The Pits 534
3 HamsterTron 491
4 CJ Racing 474
5 CDWTH 468
6 Blame Canada 420
7 The Prancing Ponies 400
8 ARSS 374
9 ClockWatchers 352
10 TIC 347
11 Payntrix 305


XXX F1. Took the lead in Barcelona and never looked back. His aleigence to Vettel served him well

The Pits. Best ever result, bettering his three 3rd places in the past, one step to go.....

HamsterTron. Recovered well from a poor 2010 following his championship year, saved from CJ by the bonus round.

CJ Racing. CJ was destroyed by his bonus round, and has sacked the long term prediction team, they didn't see that coming either.

CDWTH. Following a second place in his first year, CDWTH has gradually slipped backwards. Next he'll be fighting with TIC and Payntrix

Blame Canada. Tha Canadians seem stuck in a rutt of 6th place, and nearly beaten by a younger version.....

The Prancing Ponies. The youngest team's first full season sets a good footing to climb the table next year, almost beat mum.

ARSS. The famous four of 2010, turn into the terrible three for 2011.

ClockWatchers. An average season for the ClockWatchers, made worse by a dismal bonus round prediction.

TIC. The veterain double champion, now fights at the back, but the flashes of brilliance are still there with a pseudo highest ever score of 60.

(its worth noting that the run of bad luck started with the demise of the race reviews....... bring them back, bring them back, brin.....)

Payntrix. There were no redeaming parts of Payntrix's season. Perhaps its time he retired.



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