The season closes with CDWTH taking his first championship, in his 6th season.

This last weekend has only seen TIC, Clockwatchers and Payntrix moving up in the table....... too little too late.

On the back of being the first back to back champion, The Pits moves back to his comfortable position of third.


Season Review.

With a change in the winnings designed to retain intrest through the year ten teams managed to miss at least one entry.

2014 Team most likely to miss entry

Well history would lead us to say CJ RACING, and we'd be right, with six missed entries,

But it was a close run thing, with T.I.C. holding the lead with five, until the last race.

Well done Ian, for restoring balance to the world.

2014 Team most likely to win.

Wot No Lemons managed five wins in total, four of those solo wins. However, the low average score kept him back in 8th


2014 Team most likely to zero

Payntrix managed five zeros, and although technically CJ had six, most of those were when he didn't predict, Payntrix has no such excuse.


2014 Highest race score

Payntrix had a hero or zero season, when in China he hit the dizzying heights of 64 points. Next up was Wot No Lemons with 55.


2014 Highest bonus score

The Pits' crystal ball at the start of the season earnt him a whopping 170 points from the bonus round....


And finally here's the final jostling for position over the last weekend.

Brazil Abu Dhabi Bonus 4 Score Position
JAR Racing JAR Racing JAR Racing 623 2
The Pits The Pits The Pits 593 3
XXXF1 XXXF1 Payntrix 528 5
Mine's a Pint Mine's a Pint XXXF1 523 6
Wot No Lemons Payntrix Mine's a Pint 516 7
Payntrix Wot No Lemons Wot No Lemons 504 8
Black Cat Racing Black Cat Racing Black Cat Racing 499 9
Blame Canada Blame Canada ClockWatchers 455 10
ClockWatchers ClockWatchers TIC 455 11
TIC TIC Blame Canada 454 12
SuperStars SuperStars SuperStars 357 13
CJ Racing CJ Racing CJ Racing 338 14